Whether it’s harnessing machine learning to solve a one-time analytical need or building and launching a bespoke web-based application for an ongoing business process, our experienced data scientist and solution architects bring advanced technology tools to your company’s project. Digi-Docs, LLC’s early adoption of AWS has allowed for exceptional solutions that are both highly effectual and cost effective.

Solutions developed include but are not limited to:


  • Combined ERM and CRM Suite
  • On-Demand Business Reporting Portal
  • Sales Funnel Manager
  • Walletshare Analyzer
  • Data Analytics, including:
    • Business Operations Analytics
    • Sales, Price, and Margin Analytics
    • Benefits Analytics
    • Risk Analytics
  • Staffing Simulations
  • Direct Client Solutions
  • Revenue Cycle Analysis
  • Healthcare Contractual Analysis
  • Data Mining


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